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Devout Christians

with Poor Health and

Feeling Disconnected

From God:

This Mind-Body

Medicine Based

in Biblical Principles

Restores Your Health

and Connects You to

The Kingdom in You

Our Cutting-Edge One-Session Breakthrough Method helps you identify and clear the most important factors affecting your health and your ability to have a deep sense of connection with God for greater wellbeing, inner peace, energy, and joy.

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As a Devout Christian, your Faith and Health are your Most Precious Gifts. 

You have a strong belief that God is always there to support you, but with your poor health and diminished vitality, and with the sense of disconnection from God's living Spirit, you might feel an inkling of doubt about yourself or your connection with God. You might even feel slightly abandoned by God but would never share these things with other Christians in your community or even admit to such things yourself, for fear of it representing your lack of gratitude and faith in God.

This is more common than you'd imagine.
Many Christians today find themselves in a challenging position, where chronic health issues and a deep sense of spiritual disconnection drain their vitality. They struggle to find the energy not just for daily tasks, but for deepening their relationship with God. They are often caught in a cycle of stress, poor health habits, and a yearning for a closer connection with their Creator, which seems increasingly out of reach. This disconnect and the ensuing exhaustion isn't just physical; it's mental, emotional, and spiritual. It's a signal that the body, mind, and spirit are not in harmony.

I know because I've been working with Christians for over 25 years with such issues and that have held these sorts of painful and confused feelings deep inside of them. It is only due to the deep diving nature of the mind-body medicine counseling that I practice that has enabled me to help Christians put their finger on their unspoken sufferings, heal themselves, and resolve the painful disconnect with which they've suffered silently for so many years.

Meet Dr. Moshe Daniel Block ND, HMC, VDP

Naturopathic doctor, Messianic Jew, and Founder of Find the KIY Program

How I Went From Nearly Dead and Deeply Depressed with a Progressive, "Incurable" Auto-Immune Disease to Thriving in my Health and Connection to God

Hi, I’m Dr. Moshe Daniel Block.

Many years ago, I went from being a highly skilled athlete in excellent shape, to being so sick with Myasthenia gravis (the rare, progressive, potentially fatal disease) that I couldn't do one pushup, and getting up out of a chair was a very challenging task. I had difficulty chewing and swallowing so that I could barely eat and after a few months, I'd lost 40 pounds, leaving me at 130lbs, instead of my regular 170lbs. I looked like Tom Hank's character in the film "Castaway."

I think the worst part of that illness wasn't even the physical paralysis and difficulty eating and breathing... It was my sense of Disconnection from God

What was worse than all of the extremely debilitating physical symptoms I had was how deeply depressed I felt being so sick. I felt God had abandoned me and I was lost in a very dark place. I looked for solutions and spent a lot of money on different practitioners, with only marginal effects that would disappear after only a few days.

I changed my diet, took many of the latest "sure to cure" supplement protocols, and even went to spiritual and energy healers.

I felt close to giving up and throwing in the towel. It felt like it would have been easier to do so than to keep struggling day to day just to eat and even to breathe.

Then one day…

I found the answer. 

I thought it might just be yet another unhelpful modality or practitioner. As I always did, I let my hope and faith rise up, only to be disappointed so many times. "Here we go again," I thought. Only this time, the method of healing was the right one which got to the actual Root Cause of healing.

I have seen so many different practitioners speaking about the "Root Cause." It's a catch phrase that most Functional medicine doctors are using today. But they don't understand what the real root cause is and where that dwells. Sure, their methods point to a deeper solution in the body than how conventional medicine tends to just suppress symptoms, and therefore, will always be more helpful than just the symptoms-based treatment of allopathic, conventional medicine. But this functional medicine approach doesn't address the real root cause at a very deep level.

I had heard about the body being a reflection of the mind as seen in many different philosophies. But it was just a distant idea, theoretical, toward which I had quite a bit of skepticism.

Until I had an experience that I will never forget, and that no one can mess with or take away.

I had a spontaneous healing of this "incurable" auto-immune disease by getting to the root cause of the false belief systems in myself.

Without this experience of spontaneous healing that I underwent, I may have had doubt about the connection between the mind and body and how important it is for healing chronic illness and general poor health. Because I went from nearly dead to thriving again in my life in such a dramatic way, I'll never forget the experience.

I chose this mind-body therapy to try to heal of the severe debilitating disease that I was diagnosed with and that is exactly what it did. In 1995, I received a form of counseling called The Optiva Dialogue (which I then studied and have since greatly improved and deepened the process). I was asked questions about my suffering that led me to hearing myself say; "Because I need to be perfect." The question that then followed was the life-changer, the game changer. "What makes you believe you need to be perfect?" I had never thought anything like that. I had not even considered that it might be a choice, something I needn't do any longer. In the question was the answer - I don't need to be perfect. I just believed I needed to.

This is when I had the spontaneous healing that brought me right into God's healing power.

With God as my witness (and my family and friends who equally witnessed the dramatic change in me) my muscles swelled with strength, my eyesight cleared, and a weight lifted off of me. Because I believed I needed to be perfect, my internal judge, jury, and executioner was constantly determining that I wasn't being perfect in so many ways. I'd have an internal self-attack.

And it was here that the big light bulb went off. My immune system was attacking my cells because I was attacking myself!

There was no question about it. And I have seen this phenomenon in my practice in all my cases of auto-immune disease. Some form of self-attack. Harsh self-criticism. Self-hatred. All this anger, criticism, and judgmental negative energy turned toward the self causes the body to do the same. It does so where it can attack - at the level of the immune system. Those cells, normally meant to be defending against outside unwanted threats, turn and attack the body. It's as simple as that. This phenomenon applies to all illness, where some diseases are more obvious than others.

Not only did I witness a great healing of my body, my mind and emotions lifted and aligned with the higher Truth. That I was OK. I was fine. There was nothing I needed to do to be OK. I became aligned with the Truth that I am a Child of God - unconditionally loved and OK in the eyes of God. It was my own belief system about myself that was blocking God's love.

This is a powerful principle that governs the one-session breakthrough mind-body medicine that I now offer people to discover the Kingdom of Heaven within themselves by identifying the false belief systems that get in the way of experiencing that natural, divine Love and Truth that always resides in us. We just get in the way of experiencing it. Or rather, the mind gets in the way via the false beliefs we hold true.

Thursday,February 17th, 2020

at 8pm EST

Dr. Isaac Jones

7-Figure Virtual Practice Coach

I’ve built a 7-figure, virtual practice that gave me the lifestyle of my dreams. I teach doctors and health experts how to generate 6-7 figures per year in sales with a virtual practice. 

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Thursday,February 17th, 2020

at 8pm EST

Dr. Isaac Jones

7-Figure Virtual Practice Coach

I’ve built a 7-figure, virtual practice that gave me the lifestyle of my dreams. I teach doctors and health experts how to generate 6-7 figures per year in sales with a virtual practice. 

So What Is This Proven Process? 

I have now used this one-session breakthrough process that I call "The Vis Dialogue" clinically for over 25 years to help 1000’s of people suffering from poor health, chronic disease, and a sense of disconnection from God to transform their energy, body and overall health and awaken the Kingdom of Heaven inside of them...

So What Is This Proven Process? 

I’ve now used this process clinically to help 100’s of business professionals just like you to transform their energy, body and overall health...

Countless Patients and Clients have experienced the amazing resolution

of their own Story of Suffering

We are all special in that; A) We are created in God's Image and Likeness B) We were given Free Will C) We get in our own unique trouble in this life which leads to illness, suffering, and a sense of disconnection from God.

Most things in life are beyond our control.

But something very important is within our jurisdiction of "control," or better said, "Our Ability to Choose our Path." And that is whether we choose to align with our true nature or we choose to oppose it.

Shakespeare wrote, "To Be or not to Be. That is the question." And this is, in essence, the exact Truth I am speaking about here. If we are created by God, then there is a Truth about us. We are THAT which God created us to be. And if we are THAT, then to be ourselves, is to be THAT. That is the "To Be" part.

We can, however, choose to deny, oppose, forget, resist, fight, distance ourselves and counter that True nature. That is the "Not to Be" part. This is a choice. It is a choice and this choice is always our choice to make, because God created us to be THAT which we are. God does not make that choice for us because it is a "NOT to be" choice. So it is up to us to make the choice to realign, to clear away how we resist, fight, and oppose our true nature. This is where we do have power to help heal our lives and bring us closer to God, in contrast with all the multitudes of things we have no power over, which reside in the Hands of God.

Now this is where the Vis Dialogue comes in to help us make this choice.

You cannot undo something you are not aware you are doing.

Another important way of seeing this is, even if you realize the problem of your denial of your true self on an intellectual, conscious level, you must recognize it at the level of the subconscious where this opposition and resistance to the true self resides. It is often buried deeply, beyond our conscious awareness, and thus can control our lives, create disease and a disconnect from God without us even being aware of it. Or if we become aware of it, we still can't change it until we take the deep dive into the subconscious to witness the choice where it is happening in our deep thoughts and feelings.

And that is what the Vis Dialogue, our one-session breakthrough method is designed to do - To get you to see the false belief systems you've adopted through the days and years of your life that resist, oppose, and counter the Truth that you are. (These false beliefs were adopted in a state of innocence. So we can have grace with ourselves)

That, my dear, is what sets you free. The kind of free you long for more and more as you realize how strong it is and has always been, lurking there in the quiet disconnect from the Kingdom in You.

"One Appointment of the One-Session breakthrough process is like 10-20+ years in therapy / counseling"

100’s of patients with poor health have said about the Vis Dialogue

Clinically Proven to rapidly transform energy levels and overall health

by 100’s of business professionals 

So Many Testimonials of People Raving About The Profound Transformation They Experienced with Our One-Session Breakthrough Method. Our Problem -Which Ones to Show?

We Chose the Doctors. 

"The healing with Dr. Moshe was so incredible, all the new discoveries and beliefs I found out about myself that I didn't even realize were there. To see myself and so many others transformed in such beautiful and deep ways was such an inspiration. This is such deep and powerful work; everything I have been looking for."

- Dr. Elizabeth Maly, Naturopathic doctor

"I feel the joy, the love, the healing, and the stillness that was cultivated on this most memorable and transformative experience. This whole experience left a profound impact on me and one that I honestly believe that I will always remember and cherish. Additionally, I wanted to share that I have been feeling amazing upon returning home. I feel so light and deeply calm. Challenges feel surmountable and life has an ease to it that I have not felt in a long time. Making steps toward what I want does not seem daunting. It is SO liberating and encouraging. It's been feeding the Light and starving the Dark , just as it became apparent during my dialogue. I am so grateful to each of you for playing a role in making this a truly life-changing and special experience."

- Dr. Derek Andre, Naturopathic Doctor

"I highly recommend that you seize any opportunity to work with Dr. Moshe. He has developed a method of asking questions to patients, that truly helps provide a window to the soul, leading to profound results. The work was so healing for my soul, and has forever changed me... much more ease. The feeling of that place is literally bringing me to happy tears right now. Such a place of divine love, unconditional love. Thank you Dr. Moshe for such an enlightening and loving experience."

- Dr. April Graham, Naturopathic Doctor

Break the Unhealthy Patterns with Our One-Session Breakthrough Mind-Body Medicine Process Called the Vis Dialogue

Step 1: Discover

What hidden core false belief systems are lurking in your subconscious that block you from better health and connection with God? Find out with the deep diving nature of the Vis Dialogue.

Step 2: Transform

When the Core Belief system is discovered, there can be anywhere from powerful spontaneous lasting healing, to an ongoing process of working to transform. We guide you through it all.

Step 3: Connect

The healing you receive from transformation of the core false belief systems has a direct and powerful effect on your health and your inner sense of peace and connection with God's Kingdom in You.

Finally, a path to healing that addresses my health issues AND my lack of connection with the Divine all the while working alongside my Christian values

Finally, a proven research backed and holistically integrated approach that gets long-term sustainable health results!

Extraordinary Healing

in These Difficult Cases

Case 1 - 26 year old female with myasthenia gravis

  • A 26-year-old woman with myasthenia gravis experienced weakness, laborious breathing, depression, and “lifelessness.”

  • During our third session, we delved into the mind-body One-Session-Breakthrough process, uncovering her emotional distress. She revealed guilt over a past relationship with a young man who died after she left him due to his gang involvement. She felt that he might not have died if she hadn't left him. After discussing and releasing these emotions of guilt and grief, she noticed her breathing improved dramatically and she felt lighthearted and a sense of joy returning to her. She felt God's presence again. This case exemplifies the profound impact of addressing underlying mental-emotional causes on physical and spiritual symptoms, showcasing the mind-body connection's healing power.

Case #2 - Woman in her 70s with myasthenia gravis.

  • A Christian woman in her 70s with myasthenia gravis. She has severe weakness. Her jaw, tongue, and mouth are weak making chewing, swallowing and speaking quite difficult.

  • Delving deeply into the mind—body medicine model with The Vis Dialogue, we uncover the belief that in order to be a good Christian wife, she shouldn’t confront her husband about issues that bother her. She swallows her anger. ”Bites her tongue.” This results in her tongue literally making her physically unable to speak her mind. Realizing God is not asking her to suppress her anger and not express herself, she has a renewed feeling of love and connection with herself, which enables her to receive God’s love to a much greater degree.

Case #3 - 37 year old Woman with multiple problems

  • 37 year old woman with a whole slew of problems — fatigue, chronic pain (fibromyalgia), back pain, digestive issues. She feels so stressed and has no inner strength to face life’s challenges, including even handling the bills.

  • During a mind—body medicine session with our one-session breakthrough method The Vis Dialogue, she realizes she believes she needs to make sure her father is happy for her to be happy. That is her belief system. If he is happy, I am happy. The trouble is, he is not happy. She recognizes the pattern, and after working with our one session signature process of mind—body medicine (The Vis Dialogue), realizes she doesn’t need to carry this weight any longer.

  • She has a massive upheaval of emotions, feels disoriented, even asks… What’s happening to me. This is the Kingdom of Heaven welcoming her in after she releases her false belief system. The Kingdom welcomes us, takes us in after the false choices we’ve made in separation from God are addressed and released. The Kingdom of Heaven is always in a state of readiness. It’s our innate nature. We simply must recognize the choices we’re making in holding patterns of mind that stand in the way of experiencing the Kingdom.

Get Your Initial "Find the KIY (Kingdom in You) Consultation to Begin Aligning Your Health with

The Kingdom in You  

With your Find the KIY Initial Consultation we get to the core of what has been holding you back from feeling healthy and aligned with the Divine.

Get Your Energy Elevation Process Consultation Today! 

With your Energy Elevation Process Consultation we get to the core of what has been holding your body back and stifling your energy.

Here’s What You Get with

Your Initial Consultation:

  • Initial Consult for ‘Find the KIY (Kingdom in You) Signature Program’with me or one of my certified Vis Dialogue Practitioners to address questions about your health and your sense of disconnection with God. ($197 Value)

  • Questionnaire “Where You are in Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health” ($100 Value).

  • ​Begin to Identify the #1 direction you need to look into get your health aligned with your true Faith, and how to implement it, along with supporting practices you can use to accelerate your results.

  • E-Book about the One-Session Breakthrough Method called "Holistic Counseling: Introducing the Vis Dialogue", a book that has brought healing to lay people from just reading it and beginning to ask oneself the questions it focuses attention. (Priceless really, but $10 real world value)


The Find the KIY Process is not for everybody!

This is an extremely potent process and will completely transform your life. But it requires commitment. You have to follow through with the recommendations and strategies we give you to get results, and have to be willing to take responsibility for the choices you've made (from a place of innocence of course) that have gotten you where you are in your health and sense of disconnect from God.

I will only work with individuals who are truly committed to finding the solutions to their health and spiritual wellbeing via a path of self-inquiry and self-responsibility, which is really the only true path to heal and reconnect with the Kingdom in You.

Don't worry, we will guide you every step of the way and assist you at every point of challenge.

But this isn't for everyone, especially those who do not believe in God, because that is the very basis where all this healing comes from. Also not for people who want the doctor to be fully responsible for their health and wellbeing. That’s why I focus on these specific issues for Devout Christians and spiritual believers that want to understand what false belief systems they harbor that are creating the unique set of challenges they are dealing with. 

This Consultation is For You If You Are a Christian / Spiritual Believer Who: 

  • 1. Is lacking a living connection with God and seek to renew your faith in the Divine by aligning your health and wellness with practices based in solid Biblical principles and Christian values.

  • 2. Is struggling with depression and anxiety and is looking for ways to combine your faith with practical mind—body strategies to find joy and purpose in your life again.

  • 3. Has a great knowledge of Scripture yet has lost a spark of connection with the Divine and is seeking healing as a means of finding the Kingdom of Heaven within yourself.

  • 4. Is facing physical disabilities or chronic illness.

  • 5. Has experienced traumatic events and you want to incorporate mind—body medicine and spiritual healing as a path to your medical treatments, all the while aligning yourself with an inner Kingdom that has lost a living feeling of connection.

Your Find the KIY

Initial Consultation:

Normally $307 

Get it Today For Only $97 


Because of the unique, individualized approach space is limited for these high-value consultations. 

We turn this page off once we reach capacity. If you are seeing this page, then you still have an opportunity to claim a spot before we fill up again. 

Just click the button below to reserve your spot today and begin your journey to deep, lasting healing and a rekindled connection to the Kingdom of Heaven within you.

Protected By My No-Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee 

 I know what it’s like to feel jaded from the empty promises of health professionals. Tons of money with no results. That’s what got me here in the first place. I tried everything out there that does everything BUT looking to the root cause in the false belief systems we chose. I am so confident that this process works because it looks to the true cause, I am willing to take on all of the risk for you.

If for any reason you don’t think this consultation was valuable, then simply ask for your money back and I will issue a prompt refund. No questions asked. You’ve got nothing to lose by signing up now. 

Protected By My No-Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee 

 I know what it’s like to feel jaded from the empty promises of health professionals. That’s what got me here in the first place. I tried everything out there and I am so confident this system works, I am willing to take on all of the risk for you.
 If for any reason you don’t think this consultation was valuable, if it didn’t give you what you were looking for, then simply ask for your money back and I will issue a prompt refund. No questions askedYou’ve got nothing to lose by signing up now. 

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine you could finally understand the underlying issues associated with your poor health and sense of spiritual disconnection. 

Envision a healthier, more energized, more aligned and connected version of you. 

Imagine being able to stop emotionally and financially devastating chronic diseases before they take root.

Imagine the confidence and security that comes with a clear plan of action to holistically address the underlying cause (of health AND spiritual disconnect) once and for all.

We believe this could be one of the best investments of your life

You are going to get what the medical and insurance system simply can’t deliver by ignoring this personalized comprehensive approach you deserve. 

You Are At a Crossroads: 

What will you choose?

You Are At a Crossroads: 

What will you choose?

This is Your Opportunity. This is Your Crossroads. 

You can stay on the path you are on and keep doing what you’ve always done. You can keep struggling and hoping and trying whatever products are put in front of you and hope that eventually one of the me works. They may, they may not. But even if they do, it will only be temporary.  

You can choose, like many do, to believe, “It’s not that bad…” and ignore the future health, spiritual, and life challenges you create for yourself. 

Or you can take action NOW.

You can sign up for your Find the KIY Initial Consultation today and watch your future change before your eyes. 

You can choose to take decisive action. You can choose to avoid the insidious, draining negative effects on your health and spiritual wellbeing.

The question is… 

Do you believe you are worth it? 

Click the button below to take your next step to transform your energy and health today:

Here's to Finding the Kingdom in You,

With Tons of Love,

Dr. Moshe Daniel Block

P.S. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investing in transformational, personalized health and spiritual consultation. This represents my life’s work and integrates the most cutting edge health tech and methodologies available. That’s why we are able to get such astonishing results for our clients. 

But remember, if you’re not satisfied with what you get, you can always get your money back with our no-hassle money-back guarantee. But be sure to act quick, as soon as we are at capacity, we close this offer until a new slot opens up.

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